Meet the Artist

Whole-hearted pursuit of your passion is arduous and opening the most sacred areas of your heart-mind for all to view and critique is terrifying but for me it became necessary. I hadn’t picked up a paintbrush in many years but in the midst of one of my lowest moments, I started to paint again. Painting was a way to release my emotions from the turmoil of my mind pouring them on to the canvas. As my heart poured onto the canvas, unexpectedly, art became my therapy. With a brush I told my story. 

My name is Crystal Lawrence. I am an artist and designer born and raised in Richmond Virginia with a lifelong dedication to the arts. As an artist, I work with acrylic on canvas as well as mixed media. The heart of my inspiration is creating contemporary art that relates to every generation. I believe everyone has a space inside of them for art and aim to inspire a generation of young and veteran collectors as well as aspiring artists. The peace that painting brings and space created to meditate on the beauty in the world I hope my art translates the same to you as it enters your home.